Monday, January 19, 2009

First Post! Welcome To Our Blog, American Girl Adventures!

Well, here we go! It's our first blog entry! Welcome to American Girl Adventures! Me (Abbey) and my sister Chloe love American Girl dolls! So we decided to make a blog about it! Whenever we can we will post pictures of our dolls going on different adventures... (or just chilling out and having fun)! I have one AG Doll, Mia St. Clair! Chloe has two dolls. Julie Albright and a Just Like You doll, Aimee! We are going to American Girl Place in February and I am going to get Chrissa Maxwell, the Girl of the Year 2009. We will have pictures of our trip to American Girl soon after we go. We hope you will love our blog and we'll be adding pictures really really soon!
--Abbey & Chloe


Leah said...

I am excited to learn about AG dolls. I really don't know much.

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