Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look at our new Clothes! (And our new friends!)

Hey guys! It's Mia, Aimee, and Julie here! We're sort of taking over the blog. As you may know from our last post, we recently went to American Girl Place in the Mall of America! It was so fun! Well since this was a once in a lifetime chance, we kinda stocked up on stuff. Ok, we really stocked up on stuff. Abbey and Chloe said that it barely fit in the trunk. Unfortunately, we were IN the trunk. It was dark, but it was fun talking all the way home. We got lots of new clothes, and even three new friends! Abbey got Sonali Matthews, one of the Girl of the Year's 2009, and Abbey and Chloe's mom got Gwen, one of the other Girl of the Year's 2009. And Abbey & Chloe's friend Rayvn, her mom got Ruthie Smithens! Kit's best friend, from the 1930's. Here are some pictures! Sorry we don't have any pictures of Rayvn's new clothes, and Ruthie. But we'll get some yet. Hope you like them!

Sonali Matthews (sorry for very bad quality pictures!)

Gwen Thompson

Chrissa's Sundress (On Mia. We Don't Have Chrissa)

Julie's 2 in 1 Summer Outfit (well, half of it)
(On Aimee) (Notice my Heelys!)

The Other Half of Julie's 2 in 1 Summer Outfit
(On Aimee)

Julie's Hoops Outfit
(On Julie)

The Mall of America Souvenir Tee
(On Mia)

Outdoor Play Outfit (aka Camp outfit)
(On Sonali)

Wildflower PJ's
(On Julie)

Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Back!

Hey guys! Yesterday we got back from Minneapolis. We went there mostly just for

shopping! Most of the shopping time was spent at.....American Girl Place! When we heard that

there was an American Girl Store opening in Minneapolis, we were so excited that we could

finally go to American Girl Place! We had tons of fun eating at the AG Bistro, getting our dolls

hair done, and shopping! The most exciting thing is... three more dolls entered the doll family!

I ,(Abbey) got Sonali Matthews, Chrissa (The Girl of 2009)'s best friend. I knew when I saw her, 

she was the doll. My mom, (yes, my Mom) got Gwen Thompson, who is also part of Chrissa's best

friend collection. She is adorable. And our friend, Rayvn, her mom got Ruthie Smithens. Kit

Kittredge's best friend. Ruthie is also so adorable! Here are some pictures of our trip! (Sorry the

writing is so weird, we don't know how to fix it. If anybody does, please tell us!)

Zoe getting her hair done

Aimee getting her hair done

Us At The Salon (the hairdressers were amazing!)

Mia getting her hair done

The Bistro Menu

My New Doll, Sonali at the Bistro (not the best picture)

My Dolls, Sonali and Mia at the Bistro

Mia at the Bistro

Julie at the Bistro

Ivy and Aimee at the Bistro

Zoe at the Bistro (sorry for all the pics of the dolls at the bistro, i wanted one of each girl)

Rayvn's Tomato Soup

My Cheese Fondu! Yummmy

Mia and Zoe's matching hairstyles (and souvenir t-shirts. they always pretend they're twins)

Good Night, Dollies!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Off We Go!


Hey Guys! Or should we say, "Bye, Guys" :D It's Mia, Aimee, and Julie here. Abbey and Chloe don't feel like updating the blog right now, so we are doing it for them. Well, the reason we are saying "Bye!" is because we are heading off to the American Girl Place at the Mall of America! We are sooooo excited! We are going with two of our other friends, who are also dolls, Ivy and Zoe. They are Abbey and Chloe's friend's dolls. Of course, Abbey and Chloe are coming too, along with their best friend, Rayvn. They even told us that we are getting two new (doll) friends to bring home! But we're not going to say who, it's a surprise! But don't worry, we'll be sure to show you some pictures when we get back! Check back in a few days for some pictures of our big trip! (Oh, and in case you are wondering why our arms are up in the picture, it's because we're waving bye-bye!)
--Mia, Aimee, and Julie

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Own Private Skating Rink!

Hey guys! Schools cancelled again today because of all the ice! There is ice everywhere!
Sooo.... we decided to go skating! On our driveway! We felt pretty silly but it was tons of fun!
Later on, we decided to bring Mia out to skate with us. Mia's favorite thing to do is figure skate.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

PJ Book Club!

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't updated for a while! We just wanted to show you some pictures from our American Girl "PJ Book Club" that we took the same day that we made blizzards for them. We didn't know that we were going to make a blog post with these pictures, so they aren't the best, but thats ok! Enjoy!
*Two of the dolls are our friend's dolls
*8 more days until we go to American Girl!!!!

Aimee reads "Garden Glory"

(left to right) Nutmeg, Licorice, and Coconut Read a Magazine!

Julie reads "The Misadventures of an Average Girl"

Orange Juice Mix and JiffyPop for snacks!
(and a AG Barbie Styling Head to play with)

Mia and Zoe read "Snow Angel" and "Pet Stories" in Mia's awesome bed!

Ivy reads "Confessions of a Former Only Child"

Mia's Stuffed Animals, Pengu and Wally join in the fun!