Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Own Private Skating Rink!

Hey guys! Schools cancelled again today because of all the ice! There is ice everywhere!
Sooo.... we decided to go skating! On our driveway! We felt pretty silly but it was tons of fun!
Later on, we decided to bring Mia out to skate with us. Mia's favorite thing to do is figure skate.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!


♥Sonali♥ said...

Nice photos! Sitara says that there is ice like that on her school sidewalks a lot but no one ever canceles it :(

Wendy said...

Aww, how cool!

mia mia! said...

me too im a skating fanatic! and i have mi

Leah said...

wow, looks icy and fun! love her little skates!