Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Back!

Hey guys! Yesterday we got back from Minneapolis. We went there mostly just for

shopping! Most of the shopping time was spent at.....American Girl Place! When we heard that

there was an American Girl Store opening in Minneapolis, we were so excited that we could

finally go to American Girl Place! We had tons of fun eating at the AG Bistro, getting our dolls

hair done, and shopping! The most exciting thing is... three more dolls entered the doll family!

I ,(Abbey) got Sonali Matthews, Chrissa (The Girl of 2009)'s best friend. I knew when I saw her, 

she was the doll. My mom, (yes, my Mom) got Gwen Thompson, who is also part of Chrissa's best

friend collection. She is adorable. And our friend, Rayvn, her mom got Ruthie Smithens. Kit

Kittredge's best friend. Ruthie is also so adorable! Here are some pictures of our trip! (Sorry the

writing is so weird, we don't know how to fix it. If anybody does, please tell us!)

Zoe getting her hair done

Aimee getting her hair done

Us At The Salon (the hairdressers were amazing!)

Mia getting her hair done

The Bistro Menu

My New Doll, Sonali at the Bistro (not the best picture)

My Dolls, Sonali and Mia at the Bistro

Mia at the Bistro

Julie at the Bistro

Ivy and Aimee at the Bistro

Zoe at the Bistro (sorry for all the pics of the dolls at the bistro, i wanted one of each girl)

Rayvn's Tomato Soup

My Cheese Fondu! Yummmy

Mia and Zoe's matching hairstyles (and souvenir t-shirts. they always pretend they're twins)

Good Night, Dollies!


Wendy said...

Aww, looks you had an awesome time!!

*~*Mari*~* said...

Oh wow, congrats to all of you! I love Sonali and Ruthie, and although I haven't a Gwen, she is a lovely doll--too!

I really like the Mia in the Bistro photo. The light is perfect and your picture is focused exacly on Mia. (LOL, I sound like a photography teacher!)

Thanks for the photos, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to you!

♥Rose♥ said...

Ooohh....Lucky! Starr is envious that you got Sonali, but she's glad for pics. That's so cool! It looks like you guys had fun! Now, Starr really really wants Sonali. I know she's said that a billion times, but she told me to put that. Well, I hope you lucky-ducks have fun with your new friends! :)

~Rose (& Nellie)

P.S. We Love your Blog! If its ok with you, can we add it to our list of favorite blogs? :)

♥Rose♥ said...

P.S. I LOVE Zoe and Mia's shirts, they are SO adorable. Plus I love that last picture!


mia mia! said...

did they redo mia's braid?

Abbey and Chloe said...

Thanks guys! Oh, and to answer Mia mia!'s question no they did not redo Mia's braid, they left her original braid in and did the fancy flip hairdo. And Rose, that's totally fine if you add our blog to your favorite blogs! That's really nice of you! Thanks!

Leah said...

looks and sounds like you had a great time! i can't believe the hairdressers and the bistro. very cool! glad you had fun!!

Chrissa said...

the napkin holders in dallas are star cookie cutters.

Abbey and Chloe said...

Cool! The napkin holders in Minneapolis had a word on each of them when you unrolled them. And then there was a paper that had a bunch of games you can play with all of your words!

Sophie said...

Ooh, the Minneapolis store-lucky! I've never even been to Minnesota!

Congrats on getting Sonali! I think we'll we getting a girl like her this year.

Kelly Beth said...

"Oh, went to the same store for my birthday! Felicity got a new winter dress and boots and she got her rag doll Sari. I love the store and want to go again!" *ouch* Lissie just pinched me, she said "WE want to go again."
"Okay Lissie ......

Bye! Ouch, stop the pinching!"