Friday, March 27, 2009

Aimee is Avery!

Hey, It's Aimee! Today I was reading a book from one of my favorite series, the Beacon Street Girls. When I looked at the cover, I noticed that I kind of looked like one of the characters, Avery Madden! I even have an outfit that looks like the one she wears! Look!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rayvn!!!

HAPPY BIRHTDAY, RAYVN! So, the dolls finally let us use the blog to write one important post. We thought we'd use the blog to wish our best friend Rayvn a happy birthday! You're the best friend ever, Ray! The dolls didn't exactly have a present, so they decided to pose for some birthday pictures and they even made a little card for their "Auntie Rayvn" (teehee). Here's another picture!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fabulous Weekend!

Hey guys! It's Mia and Julie! We just wanted to tell you about our awesome weekend! Abbey and Chloe's friend, Rayvn came over for a sleepover (surprise, surprise) and she brought her dolls, which are our best friends, Ivy and Zoe! The first day, we dressed up in a bunch of wacky clothes and took pictures! We didn't exactly know we even had wacky clothes, but we did once we just threw a bunch of stuff together! Here are the wacky pictures! (sorry, we don't know why the pictures get blurry when they are on the blog)

Group Picture!

Me (Julie) 
I'm wearing snowboarding goggles!



Me, Mia!

(we think she wins.. hehe)


Then, that evening, we watched Madagascar 2! It's really funny! Our favorite character is Melmin. And the penguins, of course. Here's some pictures!

Sonali and Ivy are becoming really good friends
and starting to do everything together!

We love Jiffypop!

The next morning, Ivy and Sonali ate breakfast together.

We just had to show you a picture of our lemonade!
We love it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Fun Day Video

Hey guys! It's Aimee, Julie, Mia, and Sonali! Yesterday, Abbey, Chloe and Rayvn, had a "Winter Fun Day" with us and our friends Ivy and Zoe! We did some really cool stuff outside AND inside! Abbey and Chloe made a video to show you the pictures! Hope you like it!