Friday, March 27, 2009

Aimee is Avery!

Hey, It's Aimee! Today I was reading a book from one of my favorite series, the Beacon Street Girls. When I looked at the cover, I noticed that I kind of looked like one of the characters, Avery Madden! I even have an outfit that looks like the one she wears! Look!



Wendy said...

You do look alike! Cool!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that's so cute! You look really similar, and the outfit is a perfect match!

I remember those books--I actually have some signed first editions before they became big. And I often use them for photo story ideas!

Sophie said...

Wow! :) You definitely look like her!

Anonymous said...

You really look like her!

Anonymous said...

What's up? I'm Mia and I'm following you!! you DO look like her! I'll have to read that book! have you ever read Main Street? It's my fav!!
Mia from