Sunday, April 26, 2009

Outdoor Library!

Hey! It's Aimee, Mia, Sonali and Gwen. We're all going to say something different for today.

Aimee - Before Mia, Sonali, and Gwen went out to rollerblade, heely and skateboard, I set up an outdoor library! It doesn't have very many books, but you're free to have the books for a while, as long as you return them!

Sonali, Mia, and Gwen - We were just rollerblading, heelying, and skateboarding down the driveway, when we saw a sign that said "Outdoor Library" with an arrow pointing right (We're pretty sure that the Outdoor Library was actually to the left, though). We decided to go check it out. When we got there, Aimee was standing behind a shelf of books! Apparently, she had always wanted to be a librarian! Who knew?

Check out the whole story in the pictures (below)!

"Come with us as we go skateboarding, heelying, and rollerblading down the driveway!"



"This is fun!"

"This is so fun! Why have we never done this before?"

"Hey look, guys! An outdoor library! That sounds cool. Let's go check it out!"

*to self* "Ooh, look! I think some customers are coming this way!"

"Aimee??? What are you doing behind a shelf of books?"

"Okay. I've never told you before. But I always wanted to be a librarian! So, I set up a mini Outdoor Library!"

"You just pick a book that you would like, and then bring it back in a week! Why don't you choose one now?"

"We like these!"

"That was an awesome day! Now we can read our books!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Hey, It's Julie! Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Earth Day! I love doing different small things to help save the Earth. For Earth Day this year, I went to the park to pick up litter, and then I just enjoyed the outdoors (and made sure to wear green to show my Earth Day spirit!) I also brought my bunny, Nutmeg, with me! Do some Earth-friendly things today (And everyday!) Here are some Earth Day pictures.

"Look, some litter! I should put this in the garbage."

"There we go!"

Nutmeg sitting on my lap on a bench outside

"Smile, Nutmeg!" Heehee

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Traveling Mia

Hey, guys! It's Mia. Yes, I know the last post was about me, too. But technically, this was still part of my birthday celebration. For part of my birthday present, Abbey got to take me to her family's Easter family gathering, which is only about a little over an hour away, but I would still call that traveling. We finished sewing my new PJ's with Abbey and her Nana, I played on GIGANTIC snow hills (but the snow is almost gone, as I write this), and I did some heelying down the driveway. Oh, and we also colored Easter eggs. They were so pretty! Here are some pictures that Abbey took of me. (These pictures were taken a few weeks ago..)

The Heelys

I'm on a big snow-hill! ( I don't usually wear glasses, I stole them from Sonali)
(Shh, don't tell her!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let's Go On A Birthday Picnic!

Hey, It's Mia! Tomorrow I will be celebrating my 11th birthday, but we decided to have the party early, since it was the weekend. It was actually kind of like a birthday party for me AND my friend Zoe. Zoe's birthday is next month so we shared the party. It was a picnic theme! Anyway, I invited my 7 best friends (who I call my sisters), Sonali, Aimee, Gwen, Julie, Ivy, Zoe, and Ruthie. We had so much fun. First we ate our lunch on the picnic blanket. We had sandwiches, veggies, watermelon, pink lemonade, and even cake! When we were done eating, we had a dance competition on the picnic blanket. It was so funny! We had to make up a dance on the spot! Then, Aimee and Zoe played "Happy Birthday" to me! It was so nice! Aimee plays the guitar and Zoe plays the violin. Next, Zoe and I got to open our presents! We got lots of cool stuff that you will see in the pictures. We ended the day by watching a movie and having a sleepover. It was the best birthday party ever!

The cake and lemonade!

"I'M ELEVEN!" (well, tomorrow!)

Aimee and Zoe playing "Happy Birthday"

I got an AquaPet from my friends! I named him Snorkel!

Me and Zoe holding up our HUGE card that our friends made us!

Group Picture!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring (?) Picture

Hi! It's Sonali. Today Abbey and Chloe wanted to take pictures outside and they asked if they could take some pictures of me. Of course, I said yes. At first we went outside to a field close by our house to take pictures by an old fence, but it was so windy and cold that I kept falling over, and it was too hard to take pictures (It's Spring! And it's still snowy and windy!). So, they decided to take pictures out on the deck. Here is one picture!

I love this jacket! 
(The lines on my face are shadows from all the twigs, heehee)