Monday, June 29, 2009

The Great Talent Show/Competition

Hello people of the blogging world! It's Julie. Yesterday we had a big talent show. Hayden and Quinn hosted and announced in it, and there were four different acts. I did some magic tricks, Aimee played her guitar, Gwen and Ivy did a puppet show, and Sonali did some ballet. We made a huge album/photostory. And here's the awesome thing. You can vote for who you want to win the Talent Show/Competition. We will post the results in our next post, if we get any results. You can vote in the poll on our blog, or you can vote on the last page of our album. You can vote on both if you want, but only vote ONCE on each!!! Here is the link to the album. You should probably read it all and look at the pictures before you vote, and below is also a sneak-peak picture from the album. Enjoy!


(Oh, and sorry for the horrible photography. We took it all in the basement with horrible lighting.)


Avery V. said...

That was a great photostory, I loved it! I voted for Sonali, but they were all great!


Wendy said...

I liked the album a lot! I commented on a bunch of the pics. =)

Libby said...

Cute story! I voted Aimee!

BTW,Julie, tell your human the closing date for the Miss Dolly is tomorrow, so please post your album :)