Friday, July 24, 2009

Aimee Gets Her First AG Doll!

Hey, guys! It's Aimee. I am soooo excited! A week ago I ordered my first American Girl doll, and today, she finally came! I knew I wanted a historical, because I love their stories, but then I had to pick one. That was the hard part. I ended up picking.... Kit Kittredge! Kit is from 1934 and her stories are about growing up in Cincinnati during the Great Depression. She loves writing and wants to be a reporter when she grows up. She has a best friend named Ruthie who love fantasy and fairytales, like Quinn! I am so happy I picked Kit, she is the perfect doll for me. Here are some pictures of me opening my new doll.
If you want to see the photo-story of me opening her, click here.




Avery V. said...

Congratulations, Aimee! I hope you enjoy your new Kit doll! :)

14OldFashionDolls said...

Oh yeah! Kit is very cute! enjoy her!

Wendy said...

Congrats to Aimee! Good choice =)

Kelly Beth said...

"Oh, Aimee I happy for you! I also have kit! And Molly!" Felicity said. Aimee we are happy for you, we love kit, in fact she's a lot like me, I have her book and her movie.

Kelly and Felicity(I call her Sunshine and Lissie my Missie).