Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Table is Finished! (And Other Stuff..)

As you might know, we mentioned in one of our posts that we were making a replica of "Chrissa's Party Table" with our Dad. Well, It's done! It turned out great. It fits all seven of the dolls and even three more. Our friend Rayvn came over today and brought her Ruthie, Ivy, and Zoey. We took a bunch of pictures of all of the dolls with the table. Click HERE to see the album. And also, Rayvn just got back from American Girl Place in Minneapolis. Yes, she got to go again! Lucky duck :) And we asked her to pick up a few things and she did! (Thanks, Ray!) So our new outfits are, the new "Wilderness Outfit", the "Petal Hoodie Outfit", the "Flutter Flower Outfit", the "Sleepover Food and Fun Set" (No, it's not an outfit) and the "Rosy Posy Outfit" (for my Nana's Bitty Baby). Rayvn also went to the American Girl Outlet in Wisconsin and got us the retired Licorice Play Tower. (Thanks, again!) Haha, It was almost like Christmas morning!

Now we'll go on to something else. We won't be able to post for a while (a week maybe?) because we are both going to summer camp. And I don't think we are going to do a "scheduled post". But remember to click HERE if you want to see pictures of the Chrissa's Party Table replica and HERE if you want to see pictures of the retired Licorice Play Tower. We will have pictures of our new outfits next week, but not now because they are not on the computer yet. Here is a sneak peak picture of our new picnic table. Enjoy the albums (and picture!) :P Wow...that was a long post for us.
PS-Oh, and thanks so much to our 30 followers! Can't believe it's already 30!



Avery V. said...

That table is adorable! It's perfect! I love how all the dolls can sit there together. Great album :)

Quinlyn said...

Wow! It is adorable and perfect for the dollies! I love pink, and I love the color of pink you guys put on the table. ;)

Cali Hazelwood said...

The table is really cute and I loved the album, too. I also like the fact that it can fit a lot more dolls than the actual Chrissa table. You really did a good job!


Wendy said...

That table looks great!

Bookworm said...

Wow! Nice table! Great job finishing it!