Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hola, amigas! (Sorry, I felt like typing in Spanish,) It's Aimee. Guess what? Tomorrow I'm going camping at Pine Lake with Sonali. We're all packed up and ready to go. It's about a three and a half hour drive but it's definitely worth it. Remember that post we did a while back that said we were going to Pine Lake? Well this is that trip. Click HERE to see the old post. Abbey and Chloe are going to try to make a big Pine Lake album of all the activites we do, so we will for sure post next week. We will also post the pictures on our YouTube. Sonali and I might keep you posted once or twice this week, IF the laptop is coming. I have a feeling it's not, though. So you might have to wait until next week. Probably. Well, I will talk to you all soon. Oh, and I would like to give a shout-out to some of my #25 (My JLY Number) blogging friends: Avery from Avery-Here, Sophie from Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amelie, and Violet from Violet's Space. #25's forever :)
See you next week. (Or sooner!)


Sophie Amélie said...

Hooray! #25s forever! :D Have fun at Pine Lake Camp; I look forward to seeing the pictures.


Cali Hazelwood said...

Have fun camping!!! ;-)


Avery V. said...

I hope you have a good time at Pine Lake camp! It sounds like a lot of fun!
Haha, I agree with Sophie, #25's forever! :)