Saturday, August 15, 2009

India's Independence Day, 45th Post, And We're Back!

Bloggers and blog readers, we are back from camping! Aimee and Sonali had a lot of fun, though we did not get as much pictures as we wanted, so the album will not be that huge. We will make the album soon, but we decided not to today. And guess what? This is our 45th post! I guess that's not a lot, since we've been on here for about eight months. Wow! Eight months. It still seems we haven't been doing this for long, though. Now Sonali is begging to tell you all something, so we'll type what she says:

"Hey, guys! It's Sonali, the amazingly beautiful one who you can't help but love...
Us: Sonali, just get to the point already.
"What? It's true!"
Us: "Yeah, sure. Now tell them."

"Ugh, fine. Today, my India's Independence Day! I am from India, but I moved here when I was really little. I want to go back someday, though. Anyway, India's Independence Day, August 15th, is to celebrate its independence from British rule. I didn't do much to celebrate, but I did wear my bindi and sari-type scarf. It's not actually a sari, just a scarf in that sort of design. One day I hope to own a real sari, though. I also did some of India's, traditional dancing, since dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Here is a picture of me, in my bindi and scarf, having some India spirit. Oh, and I just want to say to Sitara's Sonali, that I promise I did not mean to take this idea from you. Since we are both Indian, I think it's great that we both celebrated in some way. I can definitely take this post down, if you want. Just tell me If you want me to, and I will. Happy India's Independence Day, everyone!"



Avery V. said...

Happy Independene Day!
A Sonali I know is from India too!
I love your sari-scarf. It is beautiful. The bindi is very pretty too!

Ruthie said...

Sonali looks beautiful!
I really like your blog. Can i put it on my favorite blog list? really want to.



Alex Violet McConnell said...

wow sonali looks really pretty here and happy india's independence day!!!!!

Abbey and Chloe said...

Sure, Ruthie! Go ahead and add us to your list. We're glad you like our blog :)

Cali Hazelwood said...

Sonali looks so pretty! Happy India's Independence Day! ;-)


GirlDollTalk said...

You have such a great blog, Abbey and Chloe! Your Sonali is so pretty! Good job!

Christa and Mia
Hosts of Girl Doll Talk Podcast