Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Lanie Pictures and Christmas...

Hey, It's Abbey and Chloe. The other day, we took some pictures of what we got for Christmas. We got five AG things, all together, which is plenty for us, since we got these:


(Abbey's Skis-Roxy Juicy's)


(Chloe's Skis-Head Sure Thang's)

Here's the AG Loot!


Julie's Christmas Dress


Julie's Calico Dress


Cheer Section Set (This is only the flag)


Chloe found these cute little doll-sized apples from a thrift store the other day. We put them in a doll-sized basket that we already had, and it looks adorable:


And...we have some exciting news! We have a video of almost ALL of Lanie's stuff, with pictures straight from American Girl. It is on our AGsisters channel, where you can find lots more stuff. Click HERE to watch the Lanie's Things video, and click HERE to see a whole bunch of new JLY, Bitty Twin, and Bitty Baby things coming out soon! Enjoy!


Wendy said...

I can't see your pictures for some reason...

Anonymous said...

I can only see one, the one of Mia in glasses, but she looks gorgeous! I never used to like the hazel eyes, but thanks to your photography and Lanie, I'm falling for them...

My Dolls And Their Life Rides! said...

Very Cute!

(BTW; Did you Re-do Mia's braid or never take it out? If you re-did it can you make a video on how to.. I have a doll that looks JUST like Mia.. JLY 39)