Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Pictures and Excitement!

Hello, bloggers! We think we owe you guys a couple of pictures. So, today we took Aimee outside for a winter photo-shoot in Rayvn's (Our Best Friend's) new Fancy Flower Dress. A few pictures turned out good, but not most of them. Because we had to use the Canon PowerShot, which Abbey is very mad at! She likes the Canon Rebel a thousand times more.

Anyways, we have some exciting news! Well, it's exciting to us. We're going to American Girl Place again! You might know this if you check up on AGsisters YouTube Channel. But.. most of you probably didn't know that. We're so excited! It's rare that this happens, because we live in Canada, so It's kind of a long drive. This will be our second time going, and it's in Minneapolis at the Mall of America. If you want to see our last trip there, click HERE to watch an old video. We're counting down the days. So, only 19 more days. :)

Have you been to an AG Place? If so, which one? What was your favorite thing you did there?
-Abbey and Chloe

{The white line on her face is a snowflake falling. Haha!}

{Sorry for the not-so-good photos. Well, since snow was blowing everywhere and it was hard to see, I guess they're pretty good. Haha!}


Sophia said...

Not so good photos!?
I couldn't take a picture that good in 20 years!Aimee is really pretty, and I love your blog.

Sonali Beth Lynne Matthews said...

Nah, no way!
The photos are GORGEOUS, I can't stop stuttering over them! Its magic! YOU are both magic!

I haven't been to an AG Place my whole life, but in 2011 I'm going to New York!

♥Ruth-Ann♥ said...

Those photos are amazing! Aimee is beautiful, and her dress looks magical.

19 more days, cool! I remember before there was a sortof-close AG store, how exciting it was to go to New York. Have fun there!


Lanie Stefani Lucille Holland said...

Those are AMAZING. And you two are so lucky that your snow is still all pretty like that! The snow here is all dirty and gross now :(.

Avery V. said...

Aimee looks wonderful! Those photos are amazing. She is beautiful! Congrats on getting to go to AGP. Have fun!

Mia S. said...

These are too good! In fact, they're amazing! You're great a photography, Abbey.
How exciting about the MOA, I've never been there, but I just went to AGPLA in November.

Jess and Lexii said...

Oh, my! These pictures are GORGEOUS! Abbey & Chloe, you girls take amazing photo's! We're so happy that you get to go to the American Girl Place again! We hope you have lots of fun! :) W'eve only been to the LA one, but hope to visit the Minneapolis store in the future! :)
~Jess (and Lexii) :)

Anonymous said...

Not so good photos!! I couldn't even take photos like that with my mom's Canon Rebel!!

I live 20 minutes away from the AG place in Atlanta. I have been there several times but it's always packed!

Rachel said...

good old Canada

♥Rose♥ said...

I ♥ those photos so much! They are brilliant - like all of yours'!

I can't wait to see what you get at the AGPlace. I hope you take some pictures! :D


Kelly Beth said...

I love the pictures! Aimee looks exactly like my friend Maddie!!!!!!!!! She's so beautiful!

Camille said...

great photos. You're a fairly professional-like photographer no matter what camera you use. You're going to the AG Place... Very lucky. I live in Canada too, but I practically never go.

Lanie Stefani Lucille Holland said...

I forgot to add that I have been to the American Girl Place in the Mall of America, just like you! (I live nearest to that one)

Felicity Merriman/Julie Albright said...

I've been to the American Girl Place L.A.I didn't get to do a whole lot of things but I think my favorite thing to do was look through the Historical Characters section.I actually got Lanie there.