Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Been So Long!

Hey, everyone! We're so sorry we haven't updated in such a long time. We usually only like to post if we have pictures, but the PowerShot isn't really working as well as it used to. It's kind of getting old. And the Rebel is currently getting packed up and making it's way to Italy with our Dad! How cool is that? The school he works at is having a trip to Italy, and he gets to go. Maybe when he gets back, we will post a few pictures he took there. But before the camera got packed away, we took a few pictures of Hayden in a new Liberty Jane Patterns T-Shirt we made. (We definitely recommend using LJ Patterns). The rest of her outfit is Liberty Jane, too, but we didn't make it (It's from the Fall Contest Outfit, "Ciao, L'autunno"). We hope to make some jeans, and maybe more tops soon, though. Sewing is really easy with Liberty Jane Patterns. Anyways, the outfit we blogged about in our last post should probably be here soon, and there will definitely be a post and a YouTube video when it comes.

Well, this time, we really will try to update more. It's just hard to take pictures because of the weather. It's really nice outside, but everything is wet , because the snow has just started melting here. We were lucky to find dry spots to take these (below) pictures! As it gets a less wet, we promise there will be more pictures. And, check out Hayden and Quinn's new post, if you'd like. Well, that's all for now.

-Abbey & Chloe



Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey, bloggers! We're so sorry for not posting for such a long time. So we decided to do an update post. Sorry, no pictures. But there will be pictures coming soon, and we just posted a new slideshow/photoshoot on our YouTube. Click HERE to watch it. And... a new outfit is coming! We're not going to tell you much about it yet, but when it comes, there will be pictures. We will say that it is not from American Girl (it's still a doll outfit) and there's kind of an exciting story behind it! (Well, exciting to us.) So, it will hopefully be here soon. We'll try to post some photos before the outfit comes, though. Speaking of photos, if you haven't yet, you must go check out Sitara's Studio Photography 101. It's really helpful, so you should definitely go check it out. (Go HERE)And if you like to make clothes for your doll, click HERE. Liberty Jane came out with a new pattern. It's a Grommet/Cropped jacket. So adorably stylish, isn't it? Well, that's all for now. Pictures to come!
-Abbey and Chloe

PS: Thank you so much to our 89 followers. And if you are one of our YouTube subscribers, thanks so much for helping us reach 700! :)