Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Snowfall!

Hey everyone! It's me, Ruthie.

Guess what? It finally snowed here! It's about time. We've all been waiting for it. We get more and more snow each day now. It's even snowing right now. How lovely! :)

Hopefully the ski hills will open soon. Maybe then, Abbey and Chloe can stop spazzing out because of 'skiing withdrawl.' ^_^

Anyways, guess what I did today? I found an old box of blue and silver tree ornaments, and decorated one of the small evergreens out in the backyard. I think it looks beautiful, and the tree is just my size. Now every time I look out my window, I get really excited, because it reminds me that Christmas isn't too far away!

Here are a few photos from my day.

(all photos are SOOC [straight out of camera])

So, what is your favorite thing about winter? Tell me in the comments.

Much Love,


Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Worry, We're Alive!

Hey, guys!

We just thought that we should let you know that we are, in fact, alive. ^_^ We've actually been pretty busy lately, so we don't have any doll photos to blog or make videos with at the moment. So, stare at these photos instead, if you'd like! They were taken at the sweetest little cupcake shop.

Sorry, if they make you hungry. ^_^



And thank-you so much to those of you who have purchased "Salute to Style" (by AGsisters and Britlyn Madison). If you haven't yet seen it, check it out here. Don't worry if it says 'Out of Stock', there will definitely be more coming.

Have a lovely day!