Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Snowfall!

Hey everyone! It's me, Ruthie.

Guess what? It finally snowed here! It's about time. We've all been waiting for it. We get more and more snow each day now. It's even snowing right now. How lovely! :)

Hopefully the ski hills will open soon. Maybe then, Abbey and Chloe can stop spazzing out because of 'skiing withdrawl.' ^_^

Anyways, guess what I did today? I found an old box of blue and silver tree ornaments, and decorated one of the small evergreens out in the backyard. I think it looks beautiful, and the tree is just my size. Now every time I look out my window, I get really excited, because it reminds me that Christmas isn't too far away!

Here are a few photos from my day.

(all photos are SOOC [straight out of camera])

So, what is your favorite thing about winter? Tell me in the comments.

Much Love,



Beth said...

Our favorite thing about winter is certainly the snow. It's great for fun and photography, and to come inside after a long day outside, it feels good to sit down on the couch with a warm mug of hot chocolate.

Beautiful pictures! Our town has only been snowed on once so far....and it all melted by the time the day was over! :( But we normally get our first snowfall that sticks on Thanksgiving, which isn't too far away! :D


Claire said...

Our favorite thing about winter is definitely being able to light a fire, make some hot chocolate, and grab a good book or a movie!

The pictures look fantastic! Here in Texas, we get no snow (except in certain parts of Texas) but we love the winter. :D


Charlotte said...

The snow, definitely! It's so fun to be outside in the snow :) I love the pictures Ruthie!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I would defintely say the holidays. I love Chritmas and it also brings New Year's right after it.

And beautiful picture Ruthie! I want your outfit. ;)

Untouchable Forever,

Cali Hazelwood said...

Gorgeous photos, Abbey and Chloe! Our favorite thing about winter is probably the Christmas carols. Sunny and I both love to listen to the holiday songs and tunes on the radio. It doesn't snow here in Florida but if it did I'd probably like that, too. :)


Gabrielle said...

What sort of camera do you have? those are amazing!!

Sonali Beth Lynne Matthews said...

Our favorite thing is getting ready for Christmas. It absolutely excites us. Every year we vow to let the Christmas decorating wait until at LEAST December 1st, but every year we break the vow out of anticipation. I love to make Christmas cards and sing Christmas music. Christmas is just the best holiday. :)


Anonymous said...

Stunning, as always. Oh, and I have no favorite part of winter.


Abbey and Chloe said...


Well, Mom. Maybe you are the Grinch? :P

AG Crazy said...

You must be a pro at this!

Felicity Merriman/Julie Albright said...

What's the last picture supposed to be?It's kinda blurry.

Abbey and Chloe said...

@ Felicity Merriman/Julie Albright:

Hehe! ^_^ It is supposed to be like that. It's called "bokeh". And, it's a lit-up tree outside. :)

Rebecca Rubin said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the first and the last ones especially.

Never commented on here before, but I have enjoyed looking at your blog (especially your photos!) for a while now. I just started a blog, if you care to take a peek. ;)

One of the things I love about winter is rather odd. I enjoy seeing what kinds of coats other people wear. Whether they're stylish or frumpy, well-fitting or bulky... probably because I'm a fashion photographer. Hee hee! =D

Brooke said...

You do beautiful photography!! You are TRULY talented!!!!

AGlover4ever said...

I say defenitly snow. This year we got 15-16 Inches!! Biggest snow ever here!! :D