Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey, everyone. Mia here!

Today Abbey and Chloe went outside to take some pictures of me with the new camera, while I went skating and played in the snow. I feel so lucky, because I was the first doll to be photographed with the new camera.

Tonight is New Year's Eve! I'm so excited. Abbey and Chloe are going to be taking more photos this year, because of the new camera. So, that means: more blogging than last year! So, what are you doing for New Years Eve? I'm going to go out to the pond with Zoe, Hayden, and Quinn and have a hockey game that lasts "from one year to the next". ^_^

Here are some photos from my day:


I love how the wind blows through my hair when I skate.

Chloe's frozen eyelashes.
(Side note from A&C: Yes, it really does get that cold here.)

Happy New Year, Everybody!

-Mia Lily


Camille said...

The pictures are really pretty! Happy New Year, too! I got a Canon Rebel T1i on boxing day, but what exactly is the difference between the T2i and T1i? Anyways, again, Happy New Year!

beast'sbelle said...

Such beautiful pics. I LOVE your inspires me. :) Mia is so completely photogenic, too. I still hope to add Mia to my collection someday. Your photos are what first made me realize what a beautiful doll she is. :) Have a Happy New Year! :)

Charlotte said...

If It's possible, I think you pictures just got a little better :)
Happy new years!!!!!! I love your Mia Doll :D

Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful! Your new camera takes fabulous pictures girls. :)

Untouchable Forever,

PS- Yay! More blog posts! :D

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Yeah for new camera fun and exciting photo's .. looks beautiful and frosty at your house .. like here ..

Have fun shooting this year

AGlover4ever said...

Gosh Mia is just so pretty.

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