Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Come With News!

Hey, everyone!


Abbey here. Merry Christmas! I hope your day is filled with fun, family, and food. ^_^

I come with news! I got...

A new camera. A T2i! Yes, a Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i! I'm so, so thrilled. I absolutely love it. Now, you're probably wondering "What? Don't you (and Chloe) share a perfectly nice Canon Rebel XS?". Okay, here's the story. The Canon Rebel XS is our Dad's (some of you already know that), and we only got to use it every other weekend. Why? Because we don't live in the same town as our Dad. This is why our blog and YouTube channel weren't really updated all that frequently. And we're really sorry about that, by the way.

Well, fast-forward to the future, and I finally have my very own DSLR. I saved up for a long time, and got some money for a Christmas present from a few different family members (Thank-You!). Also, I suppose this would probably be a good time to tell you that I do most of the photography. A lot of you have been asking about that, and every time you mention it, I giggle at the thought of Chloe and I both trying to look through the camera's viewfinder at the same time:

"Oh! I see! I see it! Do you see it?"

"Yeah! Ready? You press the shutter button on three..."

"1, 2..."

"Oh. Wait. Nope. I can't see it anymore."

Haha! But don't worry, Chloe still helps with the blog. She's just not really that into photography. However, she comes up with great ideas, helps set up for shoots, and other things that just wouldn't be the same without her. So, just think of me as the "Director of Photography". ^_^

Okay, enough rambling. The point is: there will be plenty more blog posts, Flickr updates, and YouTube videos from us. Promise. :)

Much love,


PS. (From both of us) Thank-you so much for all of your nice comments and messages, even when we weren't posting that much. You're amazing. :)

PPS. Happy Holidays! :)


Lexii said...

Merry Christmas, Abbey! (And Chloe!)

The Canon Rebel T2i? Whoa! That sounds amazing! I hope you have fun with it :) Sounds like your Christmas is going pretty well ^^ It's *sadly* still Christmas Eve according to my time zone. (It's 11:35 p.m. right now). Haha! I kind of thought you did most of the photography; I'm not sure how I really came up with that... but probably since most of the photo's on Flickr say "Photography by Abbey" ;)

Merry Christmas! :)

Beth said...

Merry Christmas, Abbey and Chloe! And congrats on the T2i! You guys have such great photography; I look forward to seeing much more of it! I'm currently saving up for a DSLR [Nikon D300 FTW] myself, but I'm nowhere near the amount of money that it costs :(

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Abbey & Chloe!Cngrats on the T2i! Like I said on Flickr, it's my dream camera besides the 60D. I tested the T2i at a camera store once and I loved every moment I held that camera. Haha! Also, I kind of thought that you did most of the photography. In stage terms, Chloe is like stage crew, you're the photographer for the press releases, and the dolls were the actors. :D

Merry Christmas!


Charlotte said...

Merry christmas!!!!
I love the 'okay, I see it! you press the shutter button on three... oh wait. I can't see it anymore!' So funny :)
Your blog is great! I love the picture :)

Brooklyn Paige Matthews said...

that's Awsome! i can't wait to see some of the even more awsome photography that comes out of you with your new camera!

-Meline- (Dolldiva from SDH)

Starr said...

Awesome! That's an amazing camera! I actually just got the Canon Rebel XS for Christmas and I completely love it. Hope you had a great Christmas! :D Looking forward to more pictures from you!


Mia S. said...

Hi Abbey and Chloe!
Happy holiday and congrats on the camera! I am excited, as you are amazing at photography! Absolute eye candy. :)

Bailey :) said...

Aww Congrats! I got the T2i too and I love it! I look forward to seeing the pictures you take for inspiration <3

Anonymous said...


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