Friday, March 4, 2011

AGMV Sneak Peek

{A still from the MV}

Hello, there!

It's me, Gwenyth, back from another day on set. Set? Which set, you ask?

Well, If you didn't know, Abbey and Chloe are making their first stop-motion music video. Or, at least attempting. And, I have the lead role! I really thought that Ruthie was going to get it. I think I just about passed out when the castings were posted. I mean, me, of all people? The lead role?

I thought Ruthie was going to be upset, since she is usually the center of attention and has acted many times before. Surprisingly, she was genuinely happy for me. She's been giving me lots of acting tips and we've spent a lot of time helping out with the styling for the video, in the set wardrobe. I'm really happy that she will be co-starring.

Well, I think I need to go take a nap. Being on set all day can really wear you out. Even if half the scenes shot today required me to lie down on a bed. ^_^

Have a lovely weekend,


PS. If you didn't notice, the blog is currently undergoing a little makeover. A new banner will be coming soon, and the blog may have a new name soon. Tell us if you like the new layout!