Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sonali the Designer

Hey, bloggers! It's me, Sonali. Yesterday Abbey and I started sewing a Liberty Jane T-Shirt from Liberty Jane Patterns. So far, it's working out great, but today we have to buy some yellow thread, and possibly velcro, if there is any in this town. Haha! I'm really excited, because Abbey said that I get to be the first to wear it. When I grow up, I want to have my own line of designer clothing. Who says dolls can't sew, design, and sketch?

Today, I had a photoshoot. I'm just showing you my one favorite picture, though. As you might be able to see, there are little snowflake/snow crystal things on one of the lenses of my glasses, but I think it looks really cool! I'm wearing the top that goes under Julie's Christmas Dress, and Liberty Jane jeans, even though you can't see them. I'm really excited for summer, because photoshoots are so much easier then. I'll post again when I finish making my Liberty Jane T-Shirt with Abbey.

So tell us. Do you like to sewing and/or designing? What is your favorite kind of craft?

PS. Have you noticed we've been posting more often? Yay! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Pictures and Excitement!

Hello, bloggers! We think we owe you guys a couple of pictures. So, today we took Aimee outside for a winter photo-shoot in Rayvn's (Our Best Friend's) new Fancy Flower Dress. A few pictures turned out good, but not most of them. Because we had to use the Canon PowerShot, which Abbey is very mad at! She likes the Canon Rebel a thousand times more.

Anyways, we have some exciting news! Well, it's exciting to us. We're going to American Girl Place again! You might know this if you check up on AGsisters YouTube Channel. But.. most of you probably didn't know that. We're so excited! It's rare that this happens, because we live in Canada, so It's kind of a long drive. This will be our second time going, and it's in Minneapolis at the Mall of America. If you want to see our last trip there, click HERE to watch an old video. We're counting down the days. So, only 19 more days. :)

Have you been to an AG Place? If so, which one? What was your favorite thing you did there?
-Abbey and Chloe

{The white line on her face is a snowflake falling. Haha!}

{Sorry for the not-so-good photos. Well, since snow was blowing everywhere and it was hard to see, I guess they're pretty good. Haha!}

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

Hello, fellow bloggers and blog-readers. Sorry for not posting for so long. We kind of took a break, without warning you guys.

Anyways, you all know about the Olympics right? This year, the Winter Olympics are taking place in Vancouver, Canada. Why is this exciting? We are Canadian! Which means the torch has to pass through a bunch of Canadian towns and cities to get to Vancouver. And... the torch passed through our little town! It was really exciting, since we love winter sports, like skiing. We made an Olympic video, with a few pictures and a little advertisement-like thing. You can watch it HERE. Here is a picture of Sonali showing off her new Olympic Mascot, Sumi. Although Chloe prefers Miga, and Abbey likes Muk-Muk (the Mascot's sidekick). If you have no idea who these little creatures are, go to THIS cute, little website. They're just for fun, but they're just adorable. We'll try to blog soon!
-Abbey and Chloe

PS-Thank-you so much to our 62 followers! You're all amazing :)