Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sorry! Update.

We're sorry you guys couldn't see the last pictures we posted. Well, that's what some of you said. It's kind of weird, because they all come up on our computer. Since you can't see them, please click HERE to watch the video with the photos we were trying to post. Well, except for one. Enjoy! Oh, and what do you guys think about Lanie and her collection?

New Lanie Pictures and Christmas...

Hey, It's Abbey and Chloe. The other day, we took some pictures of what we got for Christmas. We got five AG things, all together, which is plenty for us, since we got these:


(Abbey's Skis-Roxy Juicy's)


(Chloe's Skis-Head Sure Thang's)

Here's the AG Loot!


Julie's Christmas Dress


Julie's Calico Dress


Cheer Section Set (This is only the flag)


Chloe found these cute little doll-sized apples from a thrift store the other day. We put them in a doll-sized basket that we already had, and it looks adorable:


And...we have some exciting news! We have a video of almost ALL of Lanie's stuff, with pictures straight from American Girl. It is on our AGsisters channel, where you can find lots more stuff. Click HERE to watch the Lanie's Things video, and click HERE to see a whole bunch of new JLY, Bitty Twin, and Bitty Baby things coming out soon! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Mia, here. Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's Christmas already. It does not seem like last Christmas was a whole year ago.

Anyways, our friend Samantha is visiting us for the holidays. She will hopefully get some pictures taken of her soon, and Abbey and Chloe will probably let her blog, too. Abbey and Chloe say that she's a very special doll because she is a very old "Pre-Mattel" Samantha. Sometimes I have no idea what they're saying. She's just a doll, like me!

Yesterday, I got to go outside in my friend's Midnight Holly Christmas dress for a photo-shoot. It was lots of fun, because It was snowing! And there was a lot of snow on the ground. I wasn't cold, though. It's actually quite nice out these days, even though they are predicting a blizzard tonight. Well, here is a picture I'd like to share with you. Merry Christmas!


(Abbey and Chloe) Sorry, we really wanted to upload three pictures, but the computer isn't really cooperating right now. We'll post more after December, since we'll be busy with Christmas and family gatherings. Talk to you soon!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Ruthie, once again. I really like blogging on here, so I decided to blog again. Today I got to wear couture! Liberty Jane. I'm still wearing it as I type this, and it makes me feel like a star! Which is what I am destined to be, obviously. Anyways, I went in the yard to take a walk in the snow, and I got lots of portraits taken of me. An actress-to-be can never have too many headshots, you know. On another note, it's finally Christmas Holidays! There is tons of snow, and it's very, very nice out these days. Oh, and Abbey and Chloe want to thank Sitara from Mari Luna's Wonderful Blog, for using their idea for her latest photoshoot. They thought the pictures were absolutely gorgeous, and so do I. She is beautiful, but all Ruthie's are, am I right? :) This picture of me is dedicated to Sitara. Happy Holidays! Five more days until Christmas!
Ruthie Smithens


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Ruthie, here! No, I'm not Abbey or Chloe's doll, but I am over here visiting my friends. This is my first time blogging on the "American Girl Adventures" blog, so I hope I'm doing this right. Today I ate lunch with all of my friends here (Abbey and Chloe have a gigantic version of Chrissa's Table!), wrapped some presents, and got some pictures taken of me by the Christmas tree. I am having tons of fun here, and the snow is beautiful. I'm happy I get to be here during the holidays. Well, I'm off to go wrap some more presents with my friends. Happy Holidays!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Liberty Jane Outfit Came!

The Liberty Jane Fall Contest '09 outfit came! (It came over a week ago, but Blogger wouldn't let us post pictures) It's called "Ciao, L'autunno" and it is absolutely gorgeous. The quality is amazing and it is always on one of the dolls now :) I only have good things to say about this outfit. Here they are:

Jacket: So soft! I want it for myself!
T-Shirt: Adorable color.
Jeans: Every doll needs a pair of Liberty Jane Jeans.
Boots: Adorable! So soft, I would definitely wear them if they came in my size :)
Belt: Very stylish. I love the purple!
Necklace: Goes with any outfit.

We made a video of Mia wearing the outfit when it first came. Click HERE to see it! You have to watch it! Haha. Just kidding, you don't have to watch it if you don't want to. Here's some pictures:




Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Pictures :)

Hey, everybody. It's Gwen. The other day, Sonali and I went outside to play and take pictures in the leaves. It's so pretty outside these days. Here are some pictures of Sonali and I in the leaves, but you can see more pictures in THIS video. Please watch the video and comment, if you'd like. Oh, and the Liberty Jane outfit hasn't come yet, but there will definitely be a post right when it comes!
PS- We have 50 followers! Thanks so much, guys!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Exciting News!

Hey, everyone. Long time no post! We have some exciting news, even though some of you probably already know this. We won the Liberty Jane Fall '09 Contest! Well, Abbey drew it but we are definitely going to share the outfit when it comes. If you do not know what Liberty Jane is (have you been living under a rock?), it is an amazing company that makes clothes for American Girl Dolls. They base some of their outfits on outfits that celebrities have worn, and they design their own. The outfits are absolutely beautiful. It's "Doll Couture". We get the outfit that Abbey designed made for free! We'll be sure to take lots of pictures when it comes, and post them on here. Please click HERE to see what the finished product of the real outfit looks like, and click HERE to see our entry for the contest. Here is a picture of the entry:
Enjoy :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sock Monkey-Just For Laughs

Hey, It's Abbey. We haven't updated for a while so I decided to post a picture that I took this morning, just for laughs. If you didn't know this (I'm pretty sure you didn't), I love sock monkeys. I was feeling silly this morning, so I decided to see what Socks would look like in Jess's PJ's. Here you go:
(If you like commenting on Picasa better: Go HERE)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall and 50th Post

Hey, everyone. It's Sonali. Sorry we haven't posted in a while, there hasn't been much to blog about. Today I went outside to play in the trees. I love fall. There's not too many leaves around here yet, but it's getting more fall-ish every day. Here's a picture that was taken of me. Enjoy :)
PS- This is our 50th Post!


Friday, September 18, 2009

The Doll Room

Okay, It may sound weird to some, but we have a room just for dolls, doll furniture, and doll clothes. It's mostly where we plan all of the photoshoots and dress them. We thought you guys might like to see some pictures of it (If you haven't already seen the YouTube video). Click HERE for the link to the album. Enjoy! Oh, and if you haven't seen Quinn and Hayden's last blog entry, check it out!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doll Pottery, Etc.

Hey, everyone. It's Mia again. I got to go to one of Abbey and Chloe's family gatherings in a town about an hour and a half away from where we live. My friend Julie came, too! We hung out in the camper a lot, and played outside. I even got some pictures taken of me standing in a tree! And also, one of Abbey and Chloe's relatives (who makes pottery) sent us little miniatures of the pottery that she usually makes. So, they are the perfect size for us! Here are some pictures of me in a tree and the pottery. Sorry Julie isn't in any of the pictures, but she did take the pottery picture, so I give her credit for that. Oh, and If you want to see pictures of our American Girl Room, the pictures are all on THIS YouTube video.





Monday, August 31, 2009

American Girl Modeling Academy

Hey, bloggers! It's Mia. Sorry this blog hasn't been updated in such a long time, I've been busy with....the American Girl Modeling Academy! It is a contest/academy on YouTube where there is a new assignment every week, and the contest has almost come to an end :( It is been so much fun, and I love smiling for the camera all the time. :) And guess what? Avery from the blog, "Avery-Here!" is also in the competition. Her videos are all great and I wish there was some way we could tie for first place. The finale will be soon, so you guys should all watch it! It is hosted by "AGModelingAcademy". Click HERE to see her channel and HERE to see OUR channel. Our channel has a bunch of never-seen-before pictures of me and my friends (all in the American Girl Modeling Academy videos), so check it out. Here are some pictures of me from the videos, that you might have not seen before. Oh, and as we said in our last post, something is coming in the mail. We will make a post when it comes, but it's still not here! We'll blog soon :)




Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pine Lake Pictures

Hey, everyone. It's Abbey and Chloe. Sorry this post will be short, because we are just going to give you the link to the Aimee and Sonali in Pine Lake Album. We will post again soon, because something is coming in the mail (hopefully soon). It is not a doll and it is not by AG, but It's pretty cool.

Anyways, click HERE to see the Pine Lake Album.

Sneak Peak Picture:


Saturday, August 15, 2009

India's Independence Day, 45th Post, And We're Back!

Bloggers and blog readers, we are back from camping! Aimee and Sonali had a lot of fun, though we did not get as much pictures as we wanted, so the album will not be that huge. We will make the album soon, but we decided not to today. And guess what? This is our 45th post! I guess that's not a lot, since we've been on here for about eight months. Wow! Eight months. It still seems we haven't been doing this for long, though. Now Sonali is begging to tell you all something, so we'll type what she says:

"Hey, guys! It's Sonali, the amazingly beautiful one who you can't help but love...
Us: Sonali, just get to the point already.
"What? It's true!"
Us: "Yeah, sure. Now tell them."

"Ugh, fine. Today, my India's Independence Day! I am from India, but I moved here when I was really little. I want to go back someday, though. Anyway, India's Independence Day, August 15th, is to celebrate its independence from British rule. I didn't do much to celebrate, but I did wear my bindi and sari-type scarf. It's not actually a sari, just a scarf in that sort of design. One day I hope to own a real sari, though. I also did some of India's, traditional dancing, since dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Here is a picture of me, in my bindi and scarf, having some India spirit. Oh, and I just want to say to Sitara's Sonali, that I promise I did not mean to take this idea from you. Since we are both Indian, I think it's great that we both celebrated in some way. I can definitely take this post down, if you want. Just tell me If you want me to, and I will. Happy India's Independence Day, everyone!"


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hola, amigas! (Sorry, I felt like typing in Spanish,) It's Aimee. Guess what? Tomorrow I'm going camping at Pine Lake with Sonali. We're all packed up and ready to go. It's about a three and a half hour drive but it's definitely worth it. Remember that post we did a while back that said we were going to Pine Lake? Well this is that trip. Click HERE to see the old post. Abbey and Chloe are going to try to make a big Pine Lake album of all the activites we do, so we will for sure post next week. We will also post the pictures on our YouTube. Sonali and I might keep you posted once or twice this week, IF the laptop is coming. I have a feeling it's not, though. So you might have to wait until next week. Probably. Well, I will talk to you all soon. Oh, and I would like to give a shout-out to some of my #25 (My JLY Number) blogging friends: Avery from Avery-Here, Sophie from Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amelie, and Violet from Violet's Space. #25's forever :)
See you next week. (Or sooner!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're Back!

Hey everybody, It's Sonali! Abbey and Chloe are back from camp. They actually got back a few days ago, but decided not to post until now. They said in their last post that they would have pictures of the new outfits they got, so click HERE to see some review pictures. This isn't a very interesting post, but they have one planned that they will probably put up sometime this week. Well, here is a sneak peak picture (of me!) from the "New Outfits Review Pictures" album. Sorry for the boring post, Abbey and Chloe promise they will post again soon. (PS- Abbey and Chloe have been working a bit on their YouTube, so check it out if you want to. Click HERE to see it.)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Table is Finished! (And Other Stuff..)

As you might know, we mentioned in one of our posts that we were making a replica of "Chrissa's Party Table" with our Dad. Well, It's done! It turned out great. It fits all seven of the dolls and even three more. Our friend Rayvn came over today and brought her Ruthie, Ivy, and Zoey. We took a bunch of pictures of all of the dolls with the table. Click HERE to see the album. And also, Rayvn just got back from American Girl Place in Minneapolis. Yes, she got to go again! Lucky duck :) And we asked her to pick up a few things and she did! (Thanks, Ray!) So our new outfits are, the new "Wilderness Outfit", the "Petal Hoodie Outfit", the "Flutter Flower Outfit", the "Sleepover Food and Fun Set" (No, it's not an outfit) and the "Rosy Posy Outfit" (for my Nana's Bitty Baby). Rayvn also went to the American Girl Outlet in Wisconsin and got us the retired Licorice Play Tower. (Thanks, again!) Haha, It was almost like Christmas morning!

Now we'll go on to something else. We won't be able to post for a while (a week maybe?) because we are both going to summer camp. And I don't think we are going to do a "scheduled post". But remember to click HERE if you want to see pictures of the Chrissa's Party Table replica and HERE if you want to see pictures of the retired Licorice Play Tower. We will have pictures of our new outfits next week, but not now because they are not on the computer yet. Here is a sneak peak picture of our new picnic table. Enjoy the albums (and picture!) :P Wow...that was a long post for us.
PS-Oh, and thanks so much to our 30 followers! Can't believe it's already 30!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Aimee Gets Her First AG Doll!

Hey, guys! It's Aimee. I am soooo excited! A week ago I ordered my first American Girl doll, and today, she finally came! I knew I wanted a historical, because I love their stories, but then I had to pick one. That was the hard part. I ended up picking.... Kit Kittredge! Kit is from 1934 and her stories are about growing up in Cincinnati during the Great Depression. She loves writing and wants to be a reporter when she grows up. She has a best friend named Ruthie who love fantasy and fairytales, like Quinn! I am so happy I picked Kit, she is the perfect doll for me. Here are some pictures of me opening my new doll.
If you want to see the photo-story of me opening her, click here.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long Time, No Post!

Hey everyone! It's Abbey and Chloe. We haven't posted for a while. Guess why? We've been busy making a replica of "Chrissa's Party Table"! We're not that far yet, we're almost done the top part, though. We'll definitely post pictures when it's done. The cool thing is, the Chrissa table only fits four dolls, but our table is going to fit six! We also bought pink paint to (sort of) match the color of the real table. So since we have no picture to go along with this, entertain yourself with this picture of Mia. :)

--Abbey and Chloe

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey guys! I'm back from my long stay at Rayvn's house. I am so glad to be home, even though I loved spending time with Ruthie and Zoey. Ivy went back to Rayvn's house when I came back home. Both Ivy and I had so much fun on our stays. The fun thing about coming back home after a long stay is that you get smothered in hugs and everybody wants to talk to you :) Oh, and I got some pictures taken of me, too! Here they are.

PS- Abbey and Chloe made a YouTube Channel.
If you have a YouTube, feel free to comment! They only have one video up so far..



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Contest Pictures

Hey, It's Abbey. First I just want to say "Thanks so much, Rayvn, for letting me use Ivy for the contest. I had so much fun taking pictures and Ivy had tons of fun with Sonali". Okay, that was for my friend Rayvn:) Okay, as you might know, Rayvn let me use her doll Ivy so I could enter her in a doll photography contest and take pictures of her. I just want to show you guys all of my entries. I really hope you like them!

Ivy's hero is Edna from "The Incredibles"

Ivy Hangs up some Clothes on the Clothesline

Ivy and Julie Walk up the Long Stairs at the Beach

Ivy Enjoying some of her Favorite Things

Anything Goes- We decided to be totally random, and go on the roof!

PS- The winner of the Talent Show/Competition was Aimee! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy (Late) Canada Day!

As you might know, me and all of the other dolls here are Canadian. We might be American Girl dolls but we are definitely Canadian. Yesterday was Canada day and I dressed up in red and white, Canada's colors. Abbey and Chloe didn't have time to post yesterday because they were at Canada Day beach celebrations (Fireworks!) and stuff like that. So, even if you are not Canadian, HAPPY (LATE) CANADA DAY! (If you like commenting on Picasa better, we have this album there,too. Comment on both if you like! Link: )
PS- There is are only 2 more days left to vote for the Talent Show winner. So vote if you haven't yet!



Monday, June 29, 2009

The Great Talent Show/Competition

Hello people of the blogging world! It's Julie. Yesterday we had a big talent show. Hayden and Quinn hosted and announced in it, and there were four different acts. I did some magic tricks, Aimee played her guitar, Gwen and Ivy did a puppet show, and Sonali did some ballet. We made a huge album/photostory. And here's the awesome thing. You can vote for who you want to win the Talent Show/Competition. We will post the results in our next post, if we get any results. You can vote in the poll on our blog, or you can vote on the last page of our album. You can vote on both if you want, but only vote ONCE on each!!! Here is the link to the album. You should probably read it all and look at the pictures before you vote, and below is also a sneak-peak picture from the album. Enjoy!


(Oh, and sorry for the horrible photography. We took it all in the basement with horrible lighting.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gwenyth and the Slip and Slide!

Hey. It's Gwen. Yesterday I had tons of fun outside all day! I made a video of the most fun thing that I did, though. I can't write much now, because it is all in the video. Hope you like it. There's music (very happy, cheesy music), so turn your volume up if you want.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Pictures (And Some Garage Sale Finds)

Hello. It's Aimee. We haven't posted in a while. Anyway, it's finally starting to act like summer around her, so Abbey and Chloe decided to take some pictures of us outside. Ivy is still here and we are having lots of fun with her. I think she is going back soon, though. Abbey only has to take two more pictures of her for the contest she's entering. Also, at a garage sale today, Abbey and Chloe found two doll-sized things. Yay! They found a little gumball machine, perfect size for us, and a little golfing bag that we can take golfing with us! I like golfing the most, though, out of all my sisters. Anyway, here are the pictures of us outside. There is one for each of us.







This album is also on our Picasa, if you like commenting on there better.