Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Excited!

Hey guys! It's Sonali and Aimee. Today we got our Pine Lake Camp brochure that we get every year! And we know what that's almost time for us to go camping! Okay, well in August. But that's kind of soon! And it's going to be just the two of us dolls (and Abbey and Chloe). We can't wait to see the cabin and hang out by the lake. :)
-Sonali and Aimee


Sophie said...

Pine Lake Camp sounds fun! :)
My friends back home are attending a theatre/performing arts camp this year, though it's the first year we've really ever gone to camp.


Anonymous said...

I do love camping.. you are lucky girls to be going to Pine Lake Camp.. you must be excited!Camping with friends is the best.


Abbey and Chloe said...
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Abbey and Chloe said...

Yes, camping with friends is the best. But camping with Nanny is better! :) Can't wait for Clear Lake! Love you Nanny!

Anonymous said...

That sounds fun! Maybe I'll create a summer camp for my dolls!

Bookworm from My Adorable Dolls

rainbowsunshine16 said...

TeeHee! I think Ivy wants to come! She misses he Sonali!! Guu ba naa ping ha!

Mia Mara and Sammy said...

I'm going to pine lake to! Maybe I'll see you guys there!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of us are going to summer camp in July! Camp Whispering Pines :) We can't wait!

Some are staying home, which is good because Kirsten will be back home in July, lol.

And Samantha and Felicity and Josefina are going up to Piney Point, I think.

Kirsten L. said...

^What-I'm going to be left all alone? What Susie said is right-I'll be back home in July. I'm not sure who isn't going to camp but I hope those of us not going will have a fun summer, too.

Wendy said...

Pine Lake Camp sounds really fun! I'll be going to Girl Scout camp near the end of summer, but only for a week.

Anonymous said...

Exciting! What kind of camp is it--like what kind of activities will you be doing? The dolls here used to go to an outdoor camp every summer too, but they're doing a film camp this year. (Regina & Chrissa filming, here we come! LOL)

I love your photography, BTW. And I love how your outfits sort of correspond, but are diffent. That's really cool! *is a fashion & photo nut job :P*


Abbey and Chloe said...

Sitara- Pine Lake Camp is a summer camp with regular activities like swimming, campfires, and outdoor things. Except for the cabin they are staying in is human-sized. heehee. We are turning the place that WE (Abbey &Chloe)camp out at in the summer (Clear Lake) into Pine Lake Camp for them. Hope that makes sense. We love hearing from you!

Kelly Beth said...

Oh camping is fun! I love it, when we went this summer we had too much stuff that there was no room for Lissie :( I was so sad, but she was sick too, so I had a good time and while we were gone she got better and planned a surprise for me! I was happy to be home! :)

Kelly and Lissie