Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Girl And Her Kitty!

Hey, It's Mia. Today I took my kitty, Licorice for a walk. Sure, it was only in the backyard, but I didn't care. I even got a new leash for Licorice. The pictures aren't the best pictures on the blog, but it was almost dark out already. We got a few good-ish ones, though. Here they are!
ps. Abbey & Chloe want me to tell you that they are taking some new pictures on Thursday (with Rayvn and her dolls) so get ready for some awesome pictures!

Me and Licorice

Licorice (kinda blurry. oh well)



Johanna said...

I have two american girls! I love americangirl too, I love your blog, bye!

Wendy said...

Nice kitty! And I like the pics. That dress looks really nice on you! =)