Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Mia, here. Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's Christmas already. It does not seem like last Christmas was a whole year ago.

Anyways, our friend Samantha is visiting us for the holidays. She will hopefully get some pictures taken of her soon, and Abbey and Chloe will probably let her blog, too. Abbey and Chloe say that she's a very special doll because she is a very old "Pre-Mattel" Samantha. Sometimes I have no idea what they're saying. She's just a doll, like me!

Yesterday, I got to go outside in my friend's Midnight Holly Christmas dress for a photo-shoot. It was lots of fun, because It was snowing! And there was a lot of snow on the ground. I wasn't cold, though. It's actually quite nice out these days, even though they are predicting a blizzard tonight. Well, here is a picture I'd like to share with you. Merry Christmas!


(Abbey and Chloe) Sorry, we really wanted to upload three pictures, but the computer isn't really cooperating right now. We'll post more after December, since we'll be busy with Christmas and family gatherings. Talk to you soon!


Sonali Beth Lynne Matthews said...

Beautiful photo! Bravo, Abby & Chloe, your photographing skills never cease to amaze me.

Happy Holidays, Mia!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mia! You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress in the snow!

Merry Christmas!

Avery V. said...

Hello, Mia! This is Avery's friend Mia as well. Strange, we look like twins, and have the same name, too! ;) Plus, I wore that dress for my holiday portrait, how funny is that? Although your picture looks much better. You look beautiful! I'm so jealous of your snow. Here it has been raining... if it was only a few degrees cooler there would be loads of snow! I want to ice skate very badly, since the pond in town has been flooded, but it hasn't frozen yet.

Haha, sorry for the really long comment! Merry Christmas!

-Mia St. Clair

Mia S. said...

Hi Mia,
Now I have to say, I am super confused! Maybe you, Avery's friend and I are long lost triplets? With the same name...? Maybe the humans know something we don't know!
You look so great in that dress, it makes ME want it!
Mia....times 3

Kelly Beth said...

Oh Mia! You look so beautiful! I can't believe the dress, it's so pretty!! Felicity really would like, though I can't get it yet.

Anyways, you're beautiful!

~Kelly & Lissie~

Sophie Amélie said...

Wow! Mia, you do look absolutely beautiful in that dress - and you really have a LOT of snow, don't you? ;)


Sonja said...

Wonderful picture of you, Mia!! I love how you posed in the snow! :)