Monday, February 15, 2010

Back From Minneapolis!

Hey, bloggers! We are back from our trip to Minneapolis. We arrived just last night. We had such a fun time! We bought a few outfits (and yes, some of the new ones) , but we're not going to tell you everything because it's always more exciting with pictures (which will probably be taken today). No new dolls came home, because right now we are really happy with the dolls we have. Some dolls may be coming home in the future (?), but not yet. We especially loved #26 (Abbey has been wanting her, even since before she had a doll. But is scared to take care of her gorgeous curls!), and #38, #37 (Sitara's "Devyn"!) and #44 in person. They were all so beautiful. We also went to the bistro, which was delicious. We had no time for the hair salon, but we loved watching dolls getting their hair fixed. It's kind of amazing, what they can do! Anyways, we have a video of our trip on our YouTube Channel. Click HERE to watch the new video (If you watch the video, the pictures will probably make more sense). But, we also like to have pictures on our posts, so here are some sneak peak ones!





(Sorry, we can't really post horizontal pictures without them being small and blurry.)


Sonali Beth Lynne Matthews said...

My oh my, GORGEOUS pictures!
I love it, once again! ;]

-Sonali & Grace

Anonymous said...

I saw the video on YouTube and the pictures taken made me want to go to the AG Place in MOA!! Every photo in the video (and in the blog) were gorgeous!!

Jess and Lexii said...

The video is too cute! :) It looks like you had an incredibly big amount of fun! Hehe :)
That butterfly is so pretty, too! I guess I'll see what you two got soon! Yay! I think I like seeing what people get at AG places, it's.. fun (?) I guess! Haha :)
~Lexii & Jess

Anonymous said...

You are so good at photography! Thanks for the photos, they really made me feel like I was "there". One of the bad sides of having a boutique in the next state over is that going there isn't as special as when the closest one was a long drive away.
Thanks for remembering about Devyn, LOL!

~Sabine :) said...

Beautiful looks like you had a great time! You're a wonderful photographer!

Wendy said...

Great pictures! Glad you had fun!

P.s. - Bre was really worried about #26's hair too, but it hasn't given her any trouble at all so far. =)

AGsistersclub said...

hey ! it's AGsistersclub ! looks like you had a wonderful time ... if we were to go to the AGP it would have to be in New York city (it's the closest) but yah ! Yes number 44# is really beautiful !! Her hair does not look much different then Lanie's i am not sure . Hope you had a great time !

, Emma :)

Inky said...

Hi! It's Inky! I just came over to read your blog and noticed you still have my old link on your "Check Out These Sites" section. Could you update it to my new address? It's I decided to leave LiveJournal.


Your pics look great- I love #44 in pigtails!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Chloe said...

LANIE. IS. GORGEOUS. I love her hair!