Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey, guys! We're so sorry about the lack of posting and video making, but we've been busy lately. We promise that there will be more posts and videos in the summer. We posted a video a couple of days ago, though. So you can check it out here. Here are some pictures from the quick shoot:




By the way, you might have noticed that we changed the blog layout a little bit. This means we can finally post horizontal pictures without them being small and blurry. We're not sure why we didn't think of that before. Haha!

Have a Great Day,
Abbey and Chloe


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures girls! I can't wait to see more from you 2!

Charlotte said...

Love the pictures!
Good Idea to change the layout!
I love Aimee :)

Charlotte :)

Sonali Beth Lynne Matthews said...

LOVING the photos!
You girls amaze me once again. ;)


Avery V. said...

Wow, amazing photos! :) So beautiful!

Maiden Warrior said...

Very cool shots!
Aimee is so beautiful, she looks like my friend Maddie!

~Kelly Beth~

Sonali said...

You've been tagged. Here's the link

Camille said...

Your photography skills still succeed in impressing me everytime. I've been told (by a photography/technology instructor at an arts school) that it isn't the equipment that creates good pictures. It's the photographer. So, I would say, that even if you had terribly bad quality camera, your pictures would still be amazing.

addy said...

I always LOVE to see your pictures!! I love taking pictures, but I'm no where near as good as you. =) I don't think I've commented on here before. I decided to start commenting, since I just started a blog of my own.