Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photos & Summer

Abbey & Chloe here! Have you all been having a good summer? We hope so. We've been busy having fun (yes, you can be busy and have fun at the same time), but we're still making time to take doll photos and make videos. We made a new video of Sonali in Liberty Jane Clothing the other day, and we thought we'd share a few pictures with you. To check out the whole video, click here.

We love the 'depth of field' in this one. The first flower is clear, the second is getting blurry, and the third is very blurry. Cameras are quite amazing.
And here's a photo of our entry for Liberty Jane Clothing's Summer 2010 Contest. Are you entering?
So, what are your big summer plans? Sorry this post is so picture-heavy.
-Abbey and Chloe


Sonali Beth Lynne Matthews said...

No problem with picture-heavy posts.. I much so adore picture-heavy posts.

I hope to enter, but after seeing your entry I think I lost all my courage! ;D


Charlotte said...

I love your LJ entry!!
It's so amazing!!!
love the pictures,

Charlotte :)

Avery Voisin said...

Beautiful pictures! :D And nice contest entry, too.

♥Ruth-Ann♥ said...

I love your photos and your entry! I'd like an outfit like that for myself ^_^. The sandals look just like my friend's!
I really like the DoF photo. The selective colouration is done really well and the DoF adds a lot to the composition. Inspired by you & Piper, I shall do an AG photo post to-day!