Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello, everybody! It's Abbey.

I just wanted to share with you some photos that I took today. My Dad and I trudged through the deep snow to an old abandoned house in the country to take some photos. We both brought our cameras, but mine ran out of battery while we were there (Yeah, I know. Fail.). Fortunately, his camera still had lots of battery left, so I was able to take some photos with it! The abandoned house was so beautiful, in a mysterious kind of way. I'm not really sure of the exact reason why I love abandoned houses and barns so much (Remember this one?) I think it might be because I get to see the remains of the places that families once called 'home'. Honestly, that's just really exciting for me! If you actually read this little blog post/rant, I applaud you. Now, here are the photos.




Have a great week,


PS. We were clearing out our Flickr photostream, and so now some of the older photos on this blog say 'unavailable'. But, that definitely won't be happening anymore! Sorry about that.

PPS. Thank-you for all the Flickr comments on this photo. They made my day. :)


Gabrielle said...

Those are so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are beautiful photos Abbey! I love seeing new photos from you. :)

Untouchable Forever,

PS. I love old, abadoned house as well.

Charlotte said...

Cue the applause.... :) I agree with you. It's really fun seeing old houses, and exploring them. Quite mysterious :)
-Charlotte :)

Lily said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely talented!
-Lily(but Jacklynn,Felicity, & Lanie agree with me)

AGlover4ever said...

Oh my gosh I'm really in to photography with my dolls but you are truly amazing!!!

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