Monday, January 19, 2009

We Got the Chrissa Movie!

We recently got the Chrissa movie and it is soooooooo good! If you haven't watched it, you should! As you can see, Mia is very excited to have the new movie, so she decided to crawl in her bed with the movie and Inky. About Inky- Inky is our little animal that the dolls love to play with. Nobody knows what kind of animal Inky really is, but that's ok. You'll probably see more pictures of him in the future.

I am so excited for American Girl Place! 25 days! Yay! Here are some more pics of Mia and the movie, and a little bit of Inky! Enjoy!


Wendy said...

Hi Abby, Chloe, and Mia! I'm Wendy. I loved the Chrissa movie too! Hope you have fun at AGP! I'll add your blog to my list of cool blogs. =)

Check mine out sometime!

Leah said...

Is is a whole movie just about AG dolls? Are there real actors in the movie, or just dolls being moved around? This is all very strange to me.

Abbey and Chloe said...

Hi Leah! To answer your question... some American Girl Dolls have their own movie to tell their story. There is one from the 1930's one from the 1900's and some other ones. This one was about "Chrissa" who is a Girl of the Year 2009 doll, so it takes place now. They are just normal full length movies with real actors!