Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Walk in the Field



Much love,
Ruthie :)

PS. To the person leaving the rude comments: you may as well stop. We just delete them, anyways.


Lexii said...

That looks like an amazing field! Even though there are only 2 pictures, they are gorgeous! :) Hope Ruthie had fun!

Kelly said...

NIce pics! I love that outfit on Ruthie!

Elinor Dashwood said...

What a sweet picture!! Ruthie is beautiful. :-)

I am sorry you are getting rude comments. Please know I love your blog and looking at the doll pictures. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aaah, Ruthie is gorgeous. I wish I had a field with such a wild, autumnal beauty near our house ;D

AG Crazy said...

Beautiful pictures. I know how that feels when someone post hurtful messages and rude things on your blog. =-)

Rose said...

Beautiful pictures. They remind me of autumn, which is just around the corner...


Avery Voisin said...

Beautiful photos! Ruthie is such a pretty girl, her curls are stunning. I agree with Rose, this post does remind me of autumn. It's probably my favorite season.

Thanks for featuring our post! :) That means a lot!

I'm so sorry that you are getting rude comments, that's a shame. I've gotten a few over the time I've been blogging, and they're not fun to read. But don't let them get to you!


Anonymous said...

Your photography blows my mind, Abbey and Chloe! Ruthie is so gorgeous and I love it when you take pictures of her. :)


Sophie Amélie said...

Ohh, gorgeous! Ruthie's auburn hair looks simply beautiful in the twilight. :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty field! Looks like a lot of fun. And I love your hair color, Ruthie! Can I have your curls?