Thursday, February 12, 2009

Off We Go!


Hey Guys! Or should we say, "Bye, Guys" :D It's Mia, Aimee, and Julie here. Abbey and Chloe don't feel like updating the blog right now, so we are doing it for them. Well, the reason we are saying "Bye!" is because we are heading off to the American Girl Place at the Mall of America! We are sooooo excited! We are going with two of our other friends, who are also dolls, Ivy and Zoe. They are Abbey and Chloe's friend's dolls. Of course, Abbey and Chloe are coming too, along with their best friend, Rayvn. They even told us that we are getting two new (doll) friends to bring home! But we're not going to say who, it's a surprise! But don't worry, we'll be sure to show you some pictures when we get back! Check back in a few days for some pictures of our big trip! (Oh, and in case you are wondering why our arms are up in the picture, it's because we're waving bye-bye!)
--Mia, Aimee, and Julie


♥Rose♥ said...

Ooh....lucky! I've always wanted to go to the AG Place, but I'm the only doll who hasn't been! *envious stare*
Have fun! I can't wait to find out who your new friends are!


Wendy said...

Oooh, have fun! Can't wait to hear about the trip. =)

Abbey and Chloe said...

Hey thanks guys! We're back now and we'll put the pictures on soon! Possibly tomorrow! We had so much fun! And we're not going to say what new dolls we got, until our next post.. because it's always better with pictures. :D